• AIDS Network provides assistance with landlord/tenant, employment and other legal issues affecting HIV+ persons.
  • How AIDS Network helps those in our community who face day-to-day challenges due to HIV/AIDS.
  • Free testing for HIV and HCV. Know the facts about how HIV/AIDS is spread and learn how to protect yourself and others. H1N1 information.
  • AIDS Network's Dental Clinic offers comprehensive dental care to anyone living with HIV.



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Established in 1985, AIDS Network provides comprehensive, community-driven HIV/AIDS prevention and care services throughout southern Wisconsin with offices in Madison and Beloit. From its beginning as the Madison AIDS Support Network, a core value of the agency has been to provide prevention and care services through a network of local partners. Our mission is to offer support, education and opportunities for the well-being of everyone touched by HIV/AIDS .

Throughout our history, AIDS Network formed partnerships to address the evolving and changing HIV/AIDS prevention and care needs of our community.  To ensure competency and address cultural, racial and ethnic disparities of HIV infection, a diverse AIDS Network staff successfully collaborates with other agencies and organizations to design programs that are appropriate and effective.  Simply put, AIDS Network believes in the power of the greater community to come together in the fight against AIDS. 

We are sustained in our efforts by the resources, expertise, commitment and passion of hundreds of volunteers and donors.