All services at AIDS Network are provided free-of-charge to the recipient.  All information about those receiving services is considered confidential and released only to authorized personnel. 

VOICES of our clients . . .

"The AIDS Network has meant a lot for me. If they weren't around, I think I'd be dead by now. Thanks to them, I've learned how to live with the disease, not just have the disease, which is very important."

"I firmly believe I'm alive today-50 years and running-with HIV, in great part thanks to what I receive and the sense of community I find in AIDS Network."

"I've been very, very blessed with what the agency has done for my family and me.

"I just had a baby and I called them for diapers and milk and they went shopping for me. I received clothing, rides ... I've received so, so many things."

 "I could never in a lifetime give back what the AIDS Network has done for me."

 "As a five-time ACT rider, a 25-year survivor of AIDS, and a client of AIDS Network, thank you riders and crew."

"Muchas gracias por tomar el tiempo en poder educarme y por la información acerca VIH. Fue mis-informada antes y esto fue muy útil!"

 "... the fight against HIV/AIDS remains in front of us daily. Please remember, AIDS isn't over 'til it's over."