AIDS Network Volunteer Services

Volunteers are the heart of AIDS Network. They support paid staff to provide comprehensive assistance to those affected by HIV/AIDS and their families and loved ones. Volunteers come from every segment of the community without regard to sex, religion, race, sexual orientation or disability. They share the common bond of providing informative care and counseling for those whose lives have been touched by AIDS or who seek education about HIV infection and risk reduction.

Volunteers at Camp Bingo volunteers

Volunteering with AIDS Network requires awareness and sensitivity about HIV/AIDS and unconditional understanding of strict confidentiality guidelines. Although compassion, concern and caring go a long way, some areas require volunteers with specific skills, time commitments and specialized knowledge. The volunteer orientation will help to answer your questions about AIDS Network and volunteer opportunities while assuring proper placement and quality control for volunteer programs. Formal training, in-service workshops, staff and peer support provide volunteers with skills necessary to meet the ever-growing needs of our community.

Areas of volunteer service include:

  • Community outreach and education. Volunteers staff information tables at a variety of community events throughout the year. This often requires working with our prevention and outreach staff. Specially trained volunteers speak to community groups about HIV/AIDS, how it is spread and prevented.
  • Client support. Volunteers with reliable transportation are trained to help meet client needs, such as household chores and errands. Volunteers ready to build one-on-one relationships are matched with individuals to provide practical and emotional support. Specially trained volunteers also assist with support groups.
  • Administrative support. Office volunteers help staff answering the phones, preparing mailings and other clerical work as well as special projects.
  • Special skills. Attorneys, licensed massage therapists, graphic designers and computer technicians are among the many professionals who contribute their expertise and knowledge, supporting our agency and its mission.
  • Fundraising events. All of our fundraising events, including ACT, the Wisconsin AIDS RideTM, Red Ribbon AffairTM and Camp BingoTM, are planned and produced by steering committees made up of volunteers. Volunteers also help staff and promote these events.

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